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    Spartan Up #203 with Rich Roll

    "What do you want your life experience to be? Do you want to be exceptional? Or do you want to walk around in a fog butting up against your potential but never actualizing it?"

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    Hidden Brain: Snooki and the Handbag

    A look into Hidden Brains interesting episode on consumer and behavior psychology by way of the Jersey Shore's cast as anti-influencers.

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    The Joe Rogan Experience #1124 - Robert Schoch

    Robert Schoch is a professor of natural sciences at Boston University who has devoted a large portion of his work and life to the understanding and the exploring of the chronology behind the great sphinx all while challenging the wider known and firmly held stances of the origin construction dating.

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    A16Z Beyond Zero Sum Thinking

    "...And so the ability to at least have some time to be able to go back and be able to read things written 5 or 10 or 50 or 100 years ago that have stood the test of time in the form of books I think is very valuable."

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    The Joe Rogan Experience #1139 - Jordan Peterson

    There is a technological revolution. It is a deep one. The technological revolution is online video and audio, immediately accessible to everyone all over the world. —Jordan Peterson

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    The Joe Rogan Experience #176 - Steve Rinella

    Dropping bad habits/friends, bad habits beget more bad habits, alcohol leads to shitty decision making, the activities all humans should do to add quality to their life, who would you rather have dinner with Anthony Bourdain or Steve Rinella?, being secure in what you know, changing your mind with time, Rob's uncle tells David to shut up, a fear of wolves should not stop you from going into the woods, Skin In The Game, eating monkey and domestic dog, the controversial New Jersey bear hunt, project Grizzly.

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    MeatEater #42 Steve Rinella talks with wildlife biologist Bart George

    Ambush tactics, speaking with passion, living in the mountains, learning how to snowboard, "Yes, but I didn't run around asking people how to do it." — Mozart, the way Rob calculates risk, going into the wilderness without weapons, the difference between a lion and wolf kill, wolves will make a life for themselves anywhere you drop them, eating game meat, Elk & Peppers™

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    Stuff You Should Know: Are Feral Children Real?

    Feral pig children, this Romanian little girl deserves an Oscar, if you had to be a feral child which pack of animals would you want to be raised by, bonobos are the hippy primates, going tiger.

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    Out There: Lost In The Woods

    Getting lost on a 23 mile hike, the worst weather in the world, bears in the area, coming down a mountain at 1am, hitchhiking.

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    The Joe Rogan Experience #1080 - David Goggins

    Compounding improvement over a long period is magic, learning from Cars 3, Sam Walton didn't open his first Walmart until he was 44 years old, yoga is a martial art you do against yourself, the things you don't like doing? you have to do them, it is pleasurable to get fat, it is painful to do the opposite, how Rob is using stressors to improve at snowboarding, striving to be uncommon among uncommon people.

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    Revisionist History: Food Fight

    What's wrong with a system where one college spends its marginal dollar on gathering smart, poor kids while another school spends that dollar on artisanal cheese?

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    The Joe Rogan Experience #1073 - Steven Pinker

    Theodore Roosevelt on political parties, social media soaks up immense amount of your time for very little reward for it, to say the obvious fact that Capitalism is better than Communism is taboo in academia, the natural tendency of humans is to amass the strongest possible case for your own side.

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    Dan Carlin's Hardcore History 61 - (Blitz) Painfotainment

    Why are humans excited by violence, hundreds of thousands of people watched public executions, violence is inherent to human nature, when conversation fails all we have is violence, , guns as technology, flooding The Coliseum, the end of revolutions and more...

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    Revisionist History: Carlos Doesn't Remember

    "Thats what these kids are like. The ones who make it out. They learn from a very early age where the exits are and they don't let anything get in their way."

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    MeatEater #100 The Powerful Joe Rogan

    How Steve Rinella Spent a Year in the American Wild to Re-create a Feast from the Classic Recipes of French Master Chef Auguste Escoffier, The village storyteller is as old as language. Only there are 6 billion villagers and podcasts are the campfire, building bonds over shared experiences.

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    Exponent #137: Addicted To Facebook

    Passive consumption vs active participation, are we meant to be a global species?, sugar for the mind, is it possible to have a monopoly on information?

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    Chamath Palihapitiya on money as an instrument of change

    Doing what you dread immediately, early employees of Facebook refusing to use Facebook, the downside to training your brain for short term feedback loops, "billionaire? what the fuck is that word?", hang around smart high functioning people and copy what they do.

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    99% Invisible: Biomimicry

    How Japan studied wildlife to improve bullet trains, using evolution as R&D, if you could have one trait from any animal what would it be?

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    Rework: Mailbag Part 2

    Sidewinder intro, the value of old advice, drink shit that is a thousand years old, wasteful twitter addiction, a lake that is a thousand miles wide and an inch deep, no one gets out alive, Naval Ravikant's idea on this moment.

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    2017 Year In Review: Which podcasts did we never miss an episode of?

    David and Rob talk about the podcasts they never miss. Here are the podcasts we discussed:

    Dan Carlin's Hardcore History The Monday Morning Podcast Exponent The Last Podcast On The Left Serial Revisionist History 99% Invisible Star Talk Radio Joe Rogan Experience Waking Up with Sam Harris Jocko Podcast Dissect: A Serialized Music Podcast Under the Skin with Russell Brand The Way I Heard It With Mike Rowe My Dad Wrote A Porno

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    Revisionist History: My Little $100 Million

    Hank Rowan did something unprecedented and no one followed him. A billionaire gives $150 million to Harvard that has $36 billion because he thinks the school needs help opening its gates wider to the most talented students in the world. What? Spending $800 million on 100 students a year? What?

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    Econtalk: Kevin Kelly on the Inevitable

    Artificial power will give humans access to hundreds of minds. The increased value of human contact in virtual reality. Inventing jobs that can be automated.

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    Presidential: Theodore Roosevelt

    Getting shot in the chess and finishing your speech. Exploring the Amazon. Running to work. The boundless energy of TR.

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    How I Built This: Zappos: Tony Hsieh

    What would you grab if your house was on fire? A unique philosophical aphorism on the meaning of success. Why Tony is willing to pay for experiences but not things.

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    Science VS: Fracking

    What is the actual deal with fracking? Surprisingly the answer to that question is not straightforward. At all.

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    Out There: Moral Compass

    It's a story about what happens when your personal goals are pitted against the life of another person. And it's about how we make the toughest of moral decisions: whether or not to help someone who's nearly dead.

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    99% Invisible: Reversing the Grid

    Getting paid to produce energy. What is net metering? Why are utilities fighting this? The business model fueling the growth of solar power. How to turn your house into a mini utility company.

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    Waking Up with Sam Harris #71 What Is Technology Doing To Us?

    The arms race for attention. These products are like slot machines. Its not by accident. They will continue to take more time because that is the business model. People regret the time they spend in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and WeChat. People don’t regret the time they spend listening to podcasts.

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    More Perfect: Object Anyway

    Neil deGrasse Tyson’s hilarious tweets on jury duty. I don’t want a mason in my jury pool your honor. The story behind the Batson Rule.

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    The Joe Rogan Experience #610 - Brian Cox

    From the Wright Brothers to walking on the moon in one lifetime. The conditions in the universe right after the big bang. Encouraging the youth to experiment.

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    Stuff You Should Know: What's the 10,000 Year Clock?

    I cannot imagine the future, but I care about it. I know I am a part of a story that starts long before I can remember and continues long beyond when anyone will remember me. I sense that I am alive at a time of important change, and I feel a responsibility to make sure that the change comes out well. I plant my acorns knowing that I will never live to harvest the oaks. —Danny Hillis, inventor of the clock

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    Reply All: I’ve Killed People and I Have Hostages

    Swatting: the action or practice of making a prank call to emergency services in an attempt to bring about the dispatch of a large number of armed police officers to a particular address.

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    What you can learn from Napoleon’s maxims. Why Jocko Podcast is inspiring. Simple does not mean easy. Why everyone should start at zero. Napoleon and Jocko agree: Deliberate before you make a decision but once you make a decision you need to commit.

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    A16Z: QR. AR. VR.

    We find out what Rob is interested in when he is hungover. Interesting future application of augmented reality. QR codes > typing. How WeChat handles likes and comments.

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    Exponent #113 WeChat, China, and Apple

    What can you do with WeChat? Why China is ahead of the West in mobile technology. Why people have a hard time seeing the potential of new technology.

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    NPR's Fresh Air with Trevor Noah

    The time Trevor Noah was almost jumped in South Africa. What Trevor Noah noticed about Donald Trump's language. How language can unite and divide. This is a rebroadcast of one of our most popular episodes.

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    Harvard Business Review with Jerry Seinfeld

    A disagreement over Seinfeld breaks out on today's podcast. Jerry's idea about everything having a right size. This podcast was originally recorded in January.

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    My Dad Wrote A Porno: The Job Interview

    We talk about one of the funniest podcasts we have ever heard: My Dad Wrote A Porno. This one contains a adult themes, sexual content and strong language. Basically all the good stuff. This originally aired 7 months ago.

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    Presidential: Abraham Lincoln

    What if Lincoln had a southern accent? The difference between Lincoln and today’s leaders. The sealed letter Lincoln wrote when he thought he lost he would lose reelection.

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    Driving a tank in Times Square. Crossing the pacific in a hot air balloon. A business is just an idea that is going to make peoples lives better.

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    99% Invisible Public Works

    The Vice President who resigned because he was impersonating Tony Soprano. The president that wrote the constitution will tell you if something is unconstitutional. A radical choice for repairing public roads.

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    Reply All #79 Boy In Photo

    Who was Wayne? A podcast that investigates the true story of a meme before there were memes. If you were in high school a long time ago you are going to want to listen to this one.

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    The Big Listen Hardcore Listening With Dan Carlin

    What started as a podcast about a broadcast about podcasts turns into a rant about the future and potential of podcasts. Spoiler alert: Not all podcasts should sound the same.

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    Safekeeping nukes with a bike lock? The terrifying reality of presidential power. There is no easy answer to nuclear war.

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    Lift Off #41 Ice Giants

    Something ran into Uranus. 42 years of darkness followed by 42 years of light. What would happen if two planets collide? Predicting the location of planets using math.

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    Using a wheelchair to get to the front of the line (3:00) how to accidentally become a drug dealer (6:00), how to help us find YOU more podcasts (9:00).

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    A16Z Brains, Bodies, Minds, and Techno Religions

    Why everyone should read Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (1:00), the age of truth never existed (4:00), what A16Z gets right about podcasts (8:00), building a more flexible society (12:00), what its like being obsessed with podcasts (16:00), how to support A Podcast About Podcasts (22:00)

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    Science In Action: When Britain First Ripped Away From Europe

    The catastrophic event that created Britain (2:00), outbreak of STD's in the Koala community (5:00), how do airplanes survive lightning strikes? (8:00), simulation theory (13:00), how to listen to Science In Action: When Britain First Ripped Away From Europe (18:00), how to support A Podcast About Podcasts (19:00).

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    The Bill Simmons Podcast #174 with Kevin Durant

    Kevin Durant: I love basketball. It is not easy. I go to work (2:00), KD on Lebron’s decision (6:00), You have to clock in every day if you want to be great (11:00).

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    MeatEater Podcast #57 Mountain Lion Attack

    What is it like to get attacked by a mountain lion? (2:00), small mountain lions can kill much bigger prey (8:00), seeing a lion in person (14:00), social media outrage (16:00).

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    Out There: The Instinct To Kill

    Pulling the trigger (1:30), how did it feel to kill? (5:30), the food chain (8:00), the decision to hunt (10:00).

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    Who Makes Cents? Wealth Managers and the One Percent

    How do you study people whose job it is to be invisible? (1:00), the Forbes 400 fallacy (6:00), unknown unknowns > known knowns (11:00), the deadly consequences of flashy wealth (17:00).

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    Presidential Andrew Jackson: The Violence, The Fight

    Andrew Jackson will kill you (3:00), Jackson the populist (10:00), the importance of historical context (12:00), where did the scar on Andrew Jackson's face come from? (17:00), how to support this podcast, get bonus episodes and keep us ad free (23:00).

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    Missing Richard Simmons

    Richard Simmons made hundreds of millions of dollars, helped thousands of obese people and then completely disappeared. Find out why.

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    The Joe Rogan Experience #919 - Neil deGrasse Tyson

    The V-2 rocket travels at 5 miles per second (1:00), how a small meteor dug a mile wide hole in seconds (7:00), Neil deGrasse Tyson on astrology (15:00), Neil deGrasse Tyson on accessing the 4th dimension (18:00), escape velocity of death (24:00).

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    The Last Podcast On The Left L. Ron Hubbard Part 1: Grub Hubbard

    The Lewd Gecko (1:30), L. Ron Hubbard flips Yachts? (6:00), was L. Ron Hubbard a genius? (10:30), L. Ron Hubbard the submarine commander (14:30), get exclusive access to premium A Podcast About Podcasts episodes by subscribing on Patreon.

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    The Joe Rogan Experience #310 - Neil deGrasse Tyson

    The Multiverse Theory (1:00), the earth used to be a giant snowball (11:45), Neil’s plan for an asteroid impact (27:30), the time Neil Tyson was blindfolded and taken to a laboratory that was producing artificial diamonds (37:00), how you can support this podcast (43:00).

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    You Made It Weird With Pete Holmes and Aaron Rodgers

    Aaron Rodgers UFO sighting (1:00), Star talk (10:00), the religious upbringing of Pete Holmes and Aaron Rodgers (18:00), how rejection motivated Aaron Rodgers (28:00), Pete Holmes on Joe Rogan (41:00), not belonging to a political party or team (1:00:00).

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    Nerdist #531 with Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise's superpower (2:00), Tom's Cruise's filmography (13:00) Tom Cruise on work (20:30), we love podcasts like Tom Cruise loves movies (25:00), how to support A Podcast About Podcasts/ our future plans (30:00).

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    Exponent #93 The Disruption of Everything

    The podcasts we never miss (1:30), technology’s impact on society (5:00), confusing technological change with political change (12:00), the internet enables completely new business models that do the same jobs but in completely different ways (19:00).

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    99% Invisible The Sunshine Hotel

    The living conditions at the Sunshine Hotel (1:00), how do you wind up in a flophouse? (8:00), the hustlers capital of the planet (20:00), Rob's wedding plans (24:00), a hilarious story about the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (30:00)

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    Dan Carlin's Hardcore History Show 59 - (Blitz) The Destroyer of Worlds (part 2)

    The death of Joseph Stalin (8:15), Harry Truman's insecurities (16:00), The Revolt of the Admirals (21:00), Richard Nixon's insane quote on presidential power (25:00), funny Russian and Chinese collusion stories from the Korean War (33:45), the relative size of nuclear mushroom clouds (41:15), Nikita Khrushchev (52:30), weekly premium episodes (1:00:30)

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    MeatEater #55 with bear biologist Frank van Manen

    Rob's snowboarding trip (1:00), The Revenant (7:35), bear spray or gun for self defense? (14:15), what do bears eat? (25:30), the probability of getting mauled by a bear (32:30), apex predators (42:45), Rob's bear story (52:20).

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    Common Sense with Dan Carlin Show 310 Or Else

    We talk about what we learned from listening to Common Sense with Dan Carlin Show 310 Or Else. What happens if our nation’s problems become too large to realistically imagine our politicians solving? What if voting doesn’t help? Can we solve corruption, institute constitutional checks and balances, change foreign policy and create jobs in the future? What happens if we fail to solve these problems?

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    The Nerdist #528 with Anthony Bourdain

    We discuss what we learned from listening to the Nerdist episode #528 with Anthony Bourdain. We talk about America's first prison riot, cities of Asia, and how Anthony Bourdain influences travel decisions.

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    In Between Episode

    An extra episode of A Podcast About Podcasts where we discuss all the random podcast episodes we have listened to lately.

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    EconTalk episode Taleb on Antifragility

    David and Rob talk about EconTalk episode Taleb on Antifragility . They discuss fragility, Nassim Taleb's criticism of Nate Silver, and the problem with forecasting.

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    My Dad Wrote A Porno: The Job Interview

    David and Rob talk about one of the funniest podcasts they have ever heard: My Dad Wrote A Porno. This one contains a adult themes, sexual content and strong language. Basically all the good stuff.

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    Bruce Lee Podcast #3 Take Action

    David and Rob talk about Bruce Lee's concept of applied philosophy and how Bruce Lee can inspire you to take action.

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    A16Z Podcast: A Podcast About Podcasts

    David and Rob talk about the podcast episode that inspired them to start A Podcast About Podcasts. They talk about their plans for this podcast and how their love of podcasts influence their life.

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    Dan Carlin's Hardcore History 48 - Prophets of Doom

    David and Rob talk about one of their all time favorite podcast episodes: Hardcore History #48 Prophets of Doom. They discuss torture, the protestant reformation, hallucinating, your favorite podcasters favorite podcast, and polygamy.

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    99% Invisible: Kowloon Walled City

    David and Rob talk about 99% Invisible Episode #66 Kowloon Walled City. They talk about a human beehive, navigating by smell and how a city morphed into a single, giant organism.

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    The Tim Ferriss Show #98 The Wizard of Hollywood Robert Rodriquez

    David and Rob talk about The Tim Ferriss Show with Robert Rodriguez. They discuss creativity, turning failure into commercial success, funding filmmaking with experimental medical research, going your own way, and why art should be imperfect.

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    The Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr

    David and Rob talk about The Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr. They discuss the Bill Burr's ability to make the mundane funny, the art of standup comedy and Rob's trip to Chile.

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    Venture Studio #31 with Naval Ravikant

    David shares ideas from Venture Studio podcast #31 with Naval Ravikant.

    He discusses the effect of social media on the 2016 presidential election and Naval's essay "The American Spring".

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    MeatEater Podcast #33 with Steve Rinella & Dan Flores

    David and Rob talk about MeatEater Podcast #33 with Steven Rinella and Dan Flores They discuss the American Great Plains, coyotes on rooftops in Queens, Steve Rinella's intelligence and Rob's snowboarding trip to the Andes. ***Apologies for the background noise. Rob was rushing to catch a plane to South America and needed to do laundry. It happens.***

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    The Joe Rogan Experience #501 - Randall Carlson

    David and Rob talk about Joe Rogan Experience #501: Randall Carlson. They discuss impact events, rapid climate change, and mammoth asphyxiation. This one got a little weird.

  144. Thumb 1471975629 artwork

    Freakonomics #213 with Aziz Ansari

    David and Rob talk about the Freakonomics podcast Aziz Ansari Needs Another Toothbrush. They discuss the book Modern Romance, internet addiction, and heads so big that hats won't fit.

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