A Podcast About Podcasts

A Podcast About Podcasts

Hand-picked podcast episode recommendations.

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    MeatEater #42 Steve Rinella talks with wildlife biologist Bart George

    Ambush tactics, speaking with passion, living in the mountains, learning how to snowboard, "Yes, but I didn't run around asking people how to do it." — Mozart, the way Rob calculates risk, going into the wilderness without weapons, the difference between a lion and wolf kill, wolves will make a life for themselves anywhere you drop them, eating game meat, Elk & Peppers™

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    Stuff You Should Know: Are Feral Children Real?

    Feral pig children, this Romanian little girl deserves an Oscar, if you had to be a feral child which pack of animals would you want to be raised by, bonobos are the hippy primates, going tiger.

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    Out There: Lost In The Woods

    Getting lost on a 23 mile hike, the worst weather in the world, bears in the area, coming down a mountain at 1am, hitchhiking.

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    Joe Rogan Experience #1080 David Goggins

    Compounding improvement over a long period is magic, learning from Cars 3, Sam Walton didn't open his first Walmart until he was 44 years old, yoga is a martial art you do against yourself, the things you don't like doing? you have to do them, it is pleasurable to get fat, it is painful to do the opposite, how Rob is using stressors to improve at snowboarding, striving to be uncommon among uncommon people.

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    Revisionist History: Food Fight

    What's wrong with a system where one college spends its marginal dollar on gathering smart, poor kids while another school spends that dollar on artisanal cheese?

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    Joe Rogan Experience #1073 Steven Pinker

    Theodore Roosevelt on political parties, social media soaks up immense amount of your time for very little reward for it, to say the obvious fact that Capitalism is better than Communism is taboo in academia, the natural tendency of humans is to amass the strongest possible case for your own side.

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    Dan Carlin's Hardcore History #61 Painfotainment

    Why are humans excited by violence, hundreds of thousands of people watched public executions, violence is inherent to human nature, when conversation fails all we have is violence, , guns as technology, flooding The Coliseum, the end of revolutions and more...

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    Revisionist History: Carlos Doesn't Remember

    "Thats what these kids are like. The ones who make it out. They learn from a very early age where the exits are and they don't let anything get in their way."

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