A Podcast About Podcasts

A Podcast About Podcasts

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    Hidden Brain: Snooki and the Handbag

    A look into Hidden Brains interesting episode on consumer and behavior psychology by way of the Jersey Shore's cast as anti-influencers.

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    The Joe Rogan Experience #1124 - Robert Schoch

    Robert Schoch is a professor of natural sciences at Boston University who has devoted a large portion of his work and life to the understanding and the exploring of the chronology behind the great sphinx all while challenging the wider known and firmly held stances of the origin construction dating.

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    A16Z Beyond Zero Sum Thinking

    "...And so the ability to at least have some time to be able to go back and be able to read things written 5 or 10 or 50 or 100 years ago that have stood the test of time in the form of books I think is very valuable."

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    The Joe Rogan Experience #1139 - Jordan Peterson

    There is a technological revolution. It is a deep one. The technological revolution is online video and audio, immediately accessible to everyone all over the world. —Jordan Peterson

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